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Lightning Clout started as a general way to help friends and family with their career choices. Initially services offered were limited to creating or updating resumes to help them make a good impression as qualified candidates. Lightning Clout has grown significantly since then and has now expanded and is ready to help all job seekers with their career decisions whether big or small.

We are a group of professional resume writers who take the time to individually write a resume that reflects your strengths and experience while targeting the specific job(s) you are seeking. We influence and empower people to make the best decision for their desired career path. We have over 20 combined years of experience in creating and editing resumes, cover letters and other professional documents needed by hard-working, career-focused individuals like you.

As a Lightning Clout customer, your needs are of the utmost importance to us, and we consider you a “Member”! As one of our Members, your experience with us will equip you with an enhanced knowledge of your own leadership capacity and an understanding of where you want to take your career next! Not only does Lightning Clout want to empower you with the tools and information you need to secure your next role – we want to be there for you throughout your journey. You can always expect a personalized 1-on-1 approach with an experienced team member. We look forward to you becoming a Lightning Clout ‘Member’

our founder

Jasmine Lightning, Lightning Clout,LLC - Chief Career Consultant

Jasmine has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Georgia Southern University, where she studied Management with an emphasis in Human Resource Management and minored in Information Systems. From a young age, Jasmine has always been very driven and focused. This led her friends and family to reach out to her for career advice. Jasmine's passion is helping others land their dream job within their dream career. This passion inspired her to create Lightning Clout.

Before founding Lightning Clout, Jasmine worked in HRIS as a Senior Business Systems Analyst, Project Manager, and Cloud Solutions Consultant. Jasmine's personal philosophy is, "Work hard, consider suggestions, and, learn from the constructive criticism of people who support your dreams and goals."

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