lightning clout

seeing you through the storm


In 2018, we set a new goal for Lightning Clout; to help the underrepresented. Let’s Partner together to impact the lives of millions.

We recognize that there are several people in our community who may be in a period of personal transition, and we want to help them achieve success in their professional careers.

As an online based small business, Lightning Clout can help individuals in our community and across the nation. In order to do this, we will be partnering with other organizations to collaborate and create programs to help underrepresented individuals and groups. These programs will introduce new skill sets, prepare individuals for the professional world, and create awareness of the importance of the Lightning Clout Life Cycle. At Lightning Clout, we want to help connect individuals to a career they love and, in the process, ensure they are well equipped to succeed in their role. 


post foster care

We plan to partner with programs affecting foster children where children who have aged out of the system are no longer are qualified to remain in the foster program. Due to this many end up living on the streets, or in shelters. We can save these children by reaching out to them before and after they reach the age of 18.


formerly incarcerated

We hope to partner with prison release programs, so we can help formerly incarcerated assimilate back into society by providing career services.


victims of domestic violence

We can also help domestic violence programs for victims who have relocated and need a new start in life.

Through our collaborations, we hope to provide assistance to job seekers in periods of transition. By doing so, we can help more people create a better life by achieving gainful employment, ensuring that they are ready for their next professional phase in life.

To learn more about our philanthropic goals and/or partner with us to provide services, contact us by clicking the below button: