Self.ISH Moment Recap: Vision Workshop

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On February 3rd, Lightning Clout came together with Self.ISH to co-host the first Self.ISH Moment event of 2018; the 2018 Vision & Goal Planning Workshop. It was an incredible gathering in which we visualized our goals and desires, while defining intentional paths to obtain them. In case you missed the event, here’s a quick recap to get you up to speed for our next event.

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As the Vision Workshop attendees arrived, they were greeted with music, snacks, and smiling faces. Within minutes the room began to fill with a sense of community and belonging. Each person in the room may have come from a different background, but we all had gathered for a common purpose; to build a vision of our ideal lives.

Once everyone settled in, it was time to get to work. We began the event with the journal prompt “What is your perfect day?” Starting with the instant you open your eyes in the morning, describe every moment in as much detail as possible. Where are you, what does the room look like, what’s for breakfast? No detail should be left out, as this would be the beginning of the vision that we would make for ourselves and project onto our vision boards.

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From there, Jasmine gave a few words to highlight the importance of creating a vision board. “Writing things down and identifying your goals at the start of the year really helps guide your life,” she told the crowd. “By creating a vision board, you set the intention for the goals you want to achieve.”

From there we discussed how to go about making your own, personal vision board. Using images and articles from magazines, we would create a visual representation of the life we wanted. Without a doubt, the most important aspect is that the vision on the board is YOURS. These are personal goals, and not the goals that others may set for us. To help kick start the process, we suggested a few categories to consider while clarifying your vision:

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·       Life/Personal

·       Play

·       Health/Wellness

·       Finances

·       Professional/Career

·       Spiritual

·       Relationships

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With these concepts in mind, the floor was opened and the crafting began. Immediately the room filled with laughter, conversation, creativity, and even a little dancing. Magazines flew open as we dived into images and articles for our boards, creating an electricity of inspiration felt by each and every one of us. Patterns and prints flew about, while each snip of the scissors and stroke of the marker built to a better tomorrow. While everyone was hard at work, Jasmine also assisted each person individually, helping solidify goals and how to display them best on a vision board. Some gravitated toward images and pictures, whereas others chose to focus on words and quotes, but everyone found a vision of the future that suited them best. By the end of the event, the entire room was filled with beautiful vision boards filled with ornate designs and, most importantly, powerful messages for the days ahead.

If you weren’t able to make it to the first Self.ISH event, we hope you still take the time to build a vision board for your 2018. These are powerful tools that help inform our daily decisions so that we may live as intentionally as possible. And should you need any help identifying or organizing your goals, let Lightning Clout help you! So with that, happy crafting, and we hope to see you at the next Self.ISH event!

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