Are You LinkedIn or Linked Out?

LinkedIn is a powerful professional network founded in 2002. Whether you are a business professional or looking to become one, LinkedIn can help. So, how? Not only can LinkedIn increase and create connections, it can also assist in managing your professional identity and provide knowledgeable industry insights. According to Shama Hyder, social media expert and President of The Marketing Zen Group, LinkedIn has more than 38 million registered members from over 200 countries.

The idea of the site is that it is a networking network. Users have the option to post professional profiles for themselves showcasing their most recent work, a resume or CV, their education, past professions, and all other relevant experience.


Here are three (3) reasons why you should consider making a LinkedIn profile:


1)    It's Your Online Resume

Your LinkedIn profile is a digital representation of your professional expertise. LinkedIn allows you to leave and receive recommendations and testimonials from and to those in your connections. Users can customize their profile to fit their needs by adding specific categories such as:

  • A Professional Summary
  • Contact Information
  • Skills
  • Certificates & Awards
  • Related Website Links

Looking for a job? Enter your career interests and let LinkedIn do the searching for you.


2)    Networking Opportunities

Not only is LinkedIn a great place to find hiring managers and recruiters, but is is also a channel for connecting with past and present clients, bosses, colleagues, and other like-minded professionals. Connecting with those whom you have developed a good relationship with is a great way to maintain that relationship.

While LinkedIn makes maintaining relationships easier, it also assists in creating relationships. LinkedIn Groups is just one way to network with those in your related field. As previously mentioned, the site has over 38 million users. That is 38 million different opportunities.


3)    Access to Industry Insights

LinkedIn users have access to a variety of articles, as the website can be used as a publishing platform. The site also allows users to ask and answer questions, find local and national professional events, and follow informational profiles and Groups.

Now, we know this all can seem overwhelming. Your LinkedIn Profile is just as important as your resume. Lightning Clout’s LinkedIn optimization will ensure your profile matches your resume. We will expertly curate your LinkedIn Profile with your updated information, emphasizing your employment history and education.


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