It’s Not Selfish To Be Self.ISH

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Our society can be a demanding one.

We face a constant barrage of strains and anxieties from both work and life; all requiring we work harder, longer, and more intensely. Everything about us is judged on how successful we are, or how much we can produce. And that concept is exactly what self.ISH seeks to challenge.

Far too often we sacrifice ourselves to gain success, but we know that true success can only come from being "self.ISH".

Self.ISH was created by women, for women, to help cultivate self-love in a hectic world. Without learning how to love yourself first, we believe that it is impossible to truly love anything else, whether it be another person or what you do. Taking the time to learn self-love is in no way selfish. Rather, it is being intentional, spiritual, and most importantly, it is being happy.

As we’ve mentioned, we want to help you learn to be self.ISH. To do this, we’ve created safe spaces for women to meet throughout the year with special curated experiences. These events will allow women to come together as a community and grow together into more fulfilled and more self.ISH women. We will encourage you, we will challenge you, and together we will grow to be better for ourselves.

In order to grow, our events will focus on four aspects: self.ISH Moments, self.ISH Reads, self.ISH Retreats, and self.ISH Routines.

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Self.ISH Moments will allow us to get together so that we may connect and grow. These events may be brunches, fireside chats, or any number of small get-togethers, but they will always be positive and constructive.



Self.ISH Reads will help fulfill our goal to live more intentionally by carefully selecting what we read together to better develop ourselves. Only by reading can we cultivate our souls, so let’s read only the best for ourselves.



Self.ISH Routines will develop our spiritual connection to ourselves with events such as yoga in the park, group meditations and morning journaling.



Because we deserve it, self.ISH Retreats will be a girls’ getaway to refresh, replenish, and restore ourselves. There will be cabins in the winter, beaches in the summer, and self.ISH growth year-round.

What is "self• ISH"?